When purpose starts to resurface,
What’s gone starts to return back,
I lost myself in the backtrack
Something’s still a burden to me,
Maybe it’s just a hallucination
In my mind hallucinations have a separate nation
I try to defy every notion
But I’m stuck with what I feel,
Maybe nobody deals with what I deal,
Atleast at night everything feels real
This maybe my last manifestation
To savour my ego and temptations.
What’s wrong can be made right
But sometimes that requires tons of fight.
I inhale memories, exhale tears.
Somedays every thought brings me tears.
I was proud, now I’m emotional.
Suicidal thoughts have attended their funeral,
All the positivity is being from funnelled in my mind,
Negativity is piling up
I am thinking about what I’ll think the next moment,
Insanity is defining my morality.
I need to give these thoughts a dent.
It may sound like exaggeration but it isn’t.
I’m trying to cool down myself
But just like my words my mind is tangled.
I need a someone who understands me like Nemo and Dory,
But bulletproof loneliness is hard break through.
It may sound like exaggeration but it isn’t.

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